The Queensland Protein Group
A special interest group of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Who we are and what we do

The Queensland Protein Group has a current membership of ~100 people and welcomes interest from all scientists working in academia, hospitals, research institutes and industry with an interest in any and all aspects of protein science. We hold regular meetings and events, supporting discussions, the exchange of expertise, and dissemination of information on the latest research and technology developments in protein science.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

Event: ECPM19 - East Coast Protein Meeting
Date/Venue: 26-28th July 2019, Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour.
Details: The biennial East Coast Protein Meeting hosted by the Queensland Protein Group returns to Coffs Harbour in 2019. To be held from Friday 26th of July to Sunday, 28th of July, 2017, this joint initiative of the Queensland Protein Group and Sydney Protein Group provides an excellent arena for young protein scientists to present their work, and for young and established protein scientists alike to mix on an equal footing in a relaxed atmosphere.
This year's keynote speakers are Dr Denise Wootten (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences) and A/Prof Colin Jackson (ANU). Further details of the meeting are available at the conference website.
Confirmed sponsors for this event are ATA Scientific, ASBMB (with additional sponsorship from the Queensland and NSW branches) and Formulatrix as well as the QPG and SPG.

Previous Events and Meetings

Event: Call for Applicants - COMBIO2018 Travel Award
Date/Venue:23-25th September 2018, International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney.
Details:The QPG once again called for applications from postdocs working in fields related to protein science to attend the 2018 ASBMB ComBio meeting with support from the QPG. Each year, QPG provides financial support for the best applicant to attend the meeting by offseting the costs assocaited with registration and travel. THe prize winner recieves a guaranteed speaking slot at ComBio.
Applications should be mailed to the QPG President by the deadline of Friday, 18th of May.
UPDATE:The winner of this year's award was Dr Jocelyn Widagdo from the Queensland Brain Institute. Jocelyn presented her recent work on the role of ubiquitination on regulating the function of the fat-mass and obesity-associated (FTO) protein in memory consolidation.

Event: ECPM17 - East Coast Protein Meeting
Date/Venue: 14th-16th July 2017, Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour.
Details: The biennial East Coast Protein Meeting was hosted by the Sydney Protein Group in Coffs Harbour from Friday, 14th of July to Sunday, 16th of July, 2017. This three-day conference was an excellent arena for established and young protein scientists to mix on an equal footing in a relaxed atmosphere. As always, one of the primary goals of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for younger protein scientists to present their work.
Keynote speakers this year were A/Prof Margie Sunde (Sydney University) and Prof. Mike Ryan (Monash University). Further details of the meeting and photos are available here.
Sponsors for this event, without whom it could not have been made possible, were ANSTO, ATA Scientific, ThermoFisher Scientific, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Millennium Science, Bruker, Bioline, BMG Labtech, Genesearch, Centenary Institute, Scientex, Monash FBDD Platform (Sydney Node), Minomic, APAF, Maquarie University Biomolecular Discovery and Design Research Centre, and of course ASBMB, QPG and SPG.

Event: UQ Spring Cryo-EM Symposium
Date/Venue:23rd November 2016, AIBN Building - University of Queensland.
Details:QPG helped to support the UQ Spring Symposium in Cryo-EM which was organised by Michael Landsberg (University of Queensland) and featured keynote talks from Dr Adam Frost (UCSF) and Qing Wang (ThermoFisher Scientific). A number of local students and postdocs also presented their work involving the use of cryo-EM.
The symposium was sponsored by ThermoFIsher Scientific, the Queensland Protein Group and the UQ Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis.

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